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Learning, understanding and protecting

With its 48 aquariums showing small species (fishs, amphibians, invertebrates…) the Public Aquarium of Brussels, Center of Aquariology, takes you along in an extraordinary voyage through all the continents and the hot seas.

With its 1200 sq. m. the Public Aquarium of Brussels approaches a whole series of topics associated with the environmental problems:
deforestation and disappearance of species,
degradation of the biotopes (mainly related to intensive use of manure, pesticides etc...),
pollution by hydrocarbons and oil slicks,
over-exploitation of resources (with the reduction of the biodiversity),
fragility of the food chain ...

The Aquarium of Brussels, the Center of Aquariology is a permanent showcase:
to observe,
to understand,
to learn,
to respect,
to awake a sense of responsibility.

Let's pose the small daily gestures which help nature.

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