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Unique fun for the whole family Moominworld is a unique family resort different from traditional amusement parks. Whatever their age or size, even small people can go safely and anywhere they wish in Moomin Homevalley. The vally lights up a child's imagination for wonderful adventures and experiences. The Moomins are happy in their perfect Naantali home. Naantali is a small town by the sea and an old and beautiful place just right for Moomins. In fact, Moomins seem to take over the whole town in summer. Moominworld is situated on two islands and the House of Surprises and Moomin Shop are to be found in Naantali's old town centre. Moomin Himevalley is located on the island of Kailo just off the small boat harbour. You'll get there along the footbridge next to the old Covent Church. A paddle-wheel waterbus takes you from the Homevalley to the Adventure Island of Väski in just 15 minutes. No place is far from any other and all are quick and easy to get to.

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