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Nouveautés 2013



New in 2013
Djurs Sommerland builds Europe’s only double launch coaster

A brand new type of roller coaster now sees the light of day in Europe. In May 2013, the large Danish amusement park Djurs Sommerland will present The Jewel, Europe’s only double launch coaster. Measuring a full kilometre in length, it will also be Denmark’s longest roller coaster, while the EUR 9.4 million investment is one of the biggest ever in a Danish amusement park.

Everyone hankering after high excitement and butterflies in their stomachs can now look forward to even bigger thrills when the Danish amusement park Djurs Sommerland adds yet another international-class ride to its palette of attractions. For the 2013 season, Scandinavia’s biggest summer land will be presenting the first double launch coaster in Europe.

“A double launch coaster is a special kind of roller coaster where the guests are launched forwards at high speed not once but two times. This produces a truly original and fun ride at breakneck speeds and a high-intensity experience from start to finish. The Jewel is not like any other roller coaster in Europe and, on account of its appeal, I’m sure we’ll see many more tourists and set new visitor records in 2013,” says CEO of Djurs Sommerland, Henrik B. Nielsen.

The double launch coaster represents Djurs Sommerland’s biggest investment to date and one of the biggest ever in a Danish amusement park. The Jewel will be sited in ‘Mexicoland’, one of Djurs Sommerland’s eight theme areas, which is now being extended by 12,000 square metres.

ATVs unique in Europe
When visitors are launched forwards on the whirlwind ride in The Jewel, they will be sitting in bright red ATV (all-terrain vehicle) cars instead of conventional roller coaster cars. The new ATVs have never been seen previously in a European amusement park.

“Instead of sitting down in a car, you sit on an ATV with the upper part of your body completely unrestricted. Even though you are, of course, securely strapped in, it produces a completely different sensation of freedom and speed. This is further reinforced by the special design of the track with a string of rapid side-to-side swings and a low track height which creates the impression of moving incredibly fast close to the ground,” says Henrik B. Nielsen.



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