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This will be a colourful area where the children can play, learn and be in physical activity and where the children's helth are being in focus. Here you will find cows, pigs, chickens and a lot of Norwegian animals. Come and watch the farmer boy feed the animals and maybe you can help? Here there will be a lot of surprises! You can even grab a bite in funny surroundings. The Vikings are going to be here too. In ont part of "The FantasiaFarm" there will be a "VikingFarm" which will contain "Jarlesetet", blacksmith, food supply and "Arne's farm" and of course you can take "Toktet", a voyage with Leiv Eiriksson, the man who discovered America. Modern technology and special effects allow you to enjoy a spectacular voyage over raging seas, thrill at the wrath of the gods and survive an attack by marauding Vikings. At "The Jarlesetet" you can meet the host Steingrim and his wife Bergtora who can tell you about the Vikings. There will also be announced different shows at certain times of the day. We are known for having attractions who makes you laugh, scream and close your eyes in "terrorstrucked" joy. You can drive our rollercoaster "Tornado", "Flumeride", the "Bumber cars", the "mery-go-round" - and of course Japp SpaceShot! If you do not dare to try this one, you can try our new "FrogJump"

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