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The Bioparc, located in the heart of the Loire Valley, is the only troglodyte zoo in the world. Tunnels, waterfalls and lush green quarries allow you to be immersed in a naturally air-conditioned universe. Enjoy travelling in our mineral labyrinth and encounter over 1000 animals in an atmosphere evoking their original habitats.

Ghosts of the Himalayas
A new steep mineral territory hosts the wildlife that usually haunts the inhospitable Himalayan peaks. True elusive ghosts in the wild, the herbivorous markhor goat, the carnivorous snow leopard and scavenger vultures await you: dare use the tunnel leading to the arena carved into the rock, and you will witness the spectacular meal of our scavengers!

Okapi Sanctuary
Explore our African forest area dedicated to the mysterious Okapis. Upon entering the sanctuary, you will have a close encounter with these precious animals and 30 species of their neighbouring birds, antelopes and monkeys.

South-American great aviary
Walk into the heart of the largest aviary in Europe and have an unforgettable immersion with 600 birds. Flying space for 35 different bird species, this quarry has similar South-American rocky ecosystems and dry shores where condors, penguins, aras, ibis and other flamingos cohabit..

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