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Mirabilandia: a World of Adventure and Fantasy Time goes by really quickly between the 36 amusement rides of Mirabilandia - Enjoyment for all the family and a lot of green to relax. Once you walk into the park you will see an enormous expanse of green, with thousands of flowers, gardens and waterfalls (14 spread in the park), water spots (in a surface of 50.000 m2) and 36 rides for all the family. For the youngest ones, Bimbopoli, a town just for kids, allows them to play and jump around freely. If you like big accelerations "Turbo Drop" and "Space Shot" and "Evolution", the biggest transportable ride in the world. "Mongolfiere", "Cotton Club" and "Delirium" are traditional rides. There are nearly 120 minutes of shows with stuntmen, acrobatic parrots, professional divers, ice-skaters, fire works and the "Night Show".

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