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Located in the green belt of urban Western Holland, right in the midst of Wassenaar's dune and woodland park yet not far from the seaside, is Duinrell. With its one million-square-metre estate, Duinrell offers a wide variety of recreational activities for day trips and overnight stays. Duinrell offers endless excitement and relaxation. Whether you're young or old, Duinrell has something for everyone. With its many splashing attractions such as the Splash, the Waterspin, the Bumper Boats, the Aqua Shute, the Rodelbaan (Toboggan Runs), the Kikker Achtbaan (Froggy Roller Coaster), a huge playground, Wonderland, the Carousel and of course the tropical Tiki Pool and al its watery attractions, Duinrell earns its reputation as a versatile park. The amusement park will be ready and rolling from March 7 to October 26 2008. The motto of Duinrell is 'DUINRELL, PUTS SPRING IN YOUR STEP!'. After the amusementpark has closed (5 p.m. and 6 p.m. during holiday periods and in the high season) the Tiki Pool stays open until 10 p.m. The restaurants are also open in the evenings.

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