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Hellabrunn, the famous Munich Zoo Hellabrunn zoo was established as the world´s first "geo-zoo" in 1928. The animals are shown according to their natural geographical distribution. If you follow the pictograms you will be taken on a journey round the biotopes of the world. Hellabrunn is not a zoo in the classical sense, but rather a lovely park on the plains of the river Isar, with the animals living in large enclosures. With its extensive moating system and its natural design, Hellabrunn offers its visitors charming unimpeded views of the animals, similar to animal watching in wild nature. Our zoological concept is more than just a collection of various animals. Instead, we tried to keep endangered species in stable social groups under optimal conditions and grouped together several species from the same ecological area in the enclosures. You should not miss the fascinating experience of our free-flying aviary. Suspended nets enclose an area of 5000 m². Characteristic for Hellabrunn is the large Primate complex, the Tropical House, the Polarium and the Children´s Zoo and an excellent Aquarium for a modern microkosmos display. The latter offers a large area for people and animals to mingle freely. Children are given the opportunity to have close contact with the animals, which they may feed with provided pellets. Hellabrunn has earned its international reputation by its prominent success in breeding endangered species.

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